About Us

People have always preferred Private service to Public service.
The simple reason behind this is people want comfort. The traveler had to face difficulties, because of lack of comforts like seats with pushback facility & entertainment through T.V. & V.C.R. Then the only way we found, to have all these facilities for the same ticket R.T.C. to incur losses. The Private Service got more profits, which has created an eye-sore to R.T.C. To compensate this loss Government had started to impose various rules and regulations. They have restricted private buses only for tours.


The rules and regulations are:
* Destiny of each passenger traveling in the bus must be the same.
* The purpose of traveling must also be the same.

As a result of these rules the Tourism faced harassments. The traveler instead of having journey with comforts had to face police harassments in the middle of the way, for the simple reason that he has preferred to travel by Private bus. This situation had lead all the owners of Private Agencies to bent their heads against Government's next plan, i.e., Nationalization.

In Government's point of view, the Right plan introduced by it at the right time i.e., Travel Agencies depend upon seasons. The owners of private buses have even stopped operating buses for 2 weeks forcing Government not to implement such plans that create sackful of problems to them with all these disadvantages, SVR Tours & Travels did not loose heart. They took this situation as a challenge. They were sincere and hard working and thus they could stand and overcome any eventualities. Their motto is "SINCERITY AND HARDWORK WILL NEVER GO UNREWARDED" .

It was in these horific circumstances that Mr.Bose happened to visit the religious lace Shirdi. He was shocked to see the pains, the travelers were taking by traveling a part of distance by train and then the rest by bus, the inconvenience they faced during that long journey. While returning from Shirdi he had brought with him the idea which is the foundation of great success of SVR Tours & Travels that buses can be run directly between Shirdi and Hyderabad in as short route as possible.

The fact that the only way to run buses in the shortest route possible is by paying taxes for 3 states, and substantial increase in taxes by that year had made him to take one year to the accomplishment of inaugural bus services to Shirdi. In the year 1993 Luxury and Deluxe buses have been introduced to Shirdi by SVR Tours & Travels and later it has also introduced a tour as a whole including Allora, Ajanta, Jyothirlingam and Aurangabad. With their sincerity, hardwork and good services provided they could make good profits since 1993. Thus it had become an ideal travel agency to others.

Even the Government could not oppose SVR Tours & Travels to run buses between Shirdi & Hyderabad, because it has not violated the Government's rules and regulations. Mr.Bose knows that SVR Tours & Travels could not compete with the size of R.T.C., he never tried for it.

But had the confidence that his tourism equipment maintenance and decore were second to none and what is more SVR Tours & Travels could excel in the quality of its service. Bose always believed and urged his employees that, The passengers who travel do not have occassion to complain. I want to establish that there is no tourism which is better liked by passengers that is safer and more punctual where the service is better and which sets a better image than SVR Tours & Travels

Later many other tourisms and even R.T.C has introduced their buses to Shirdi, but failed to meet challenging S.V.R.Tours and Travels standards, which has introduced High-Tech, Mega-tech and Missiles provided with A.C. and A/C Sleeper coach facility to cope up with the competition. Thus with its creative ideas and evolutionary actions it has sustained its success and stood on the top.